BEIGE Presents:
The Infinite Fill Group Show call for entries!

(put together by Cory + Jamie Arcangel)

Remember back when computers couldn't display colors? Think 1984, 1985,...Back before computers could airbrush, show photos, write emails, or play music they were black and white. To make up for the lack of colors, computers used 16-bit monochrome patterns to fake color. These patterns are called INFINITE FILL PATTERNS!

Mac Paint Infinite Fill patterns.

Introduced in 1984 with the software application MAC Paint, these patterns were used to fill in areas to give the illusion of color and depth.

Necessary at the time, today these patterns seem a useless combination of TV static, checkerboards, and strobe lights. AWESOME!!!!!!

For the Infinite Fill show BEIGe and Foxy Production Gallery are putting out an open call for all work dealing with black and white patterns! Anyone call submit to the open call. Works of all mediums are accepted! There is no size limit [well if things are really bug, email Cory to check it first....]. Works can be video, knitted, drawn, painted, collaged, spray painted, rendered, etc, etc. In fact, you don't even have to make work. If you see a pair of black and white checkered pants at the salvation army, submit it, or if you have a lot of Chinese Checker boards lying around, submit those too! The only rule is that it has to somehow use black and white repeating patterns!

If you are interested in working with the actual patterns on Macintosh you can use download Lightning Paint [a mac paint clone!], at:

DEADLINE: July 10th!!! (contact Cory if this is a problem)

The Show opens July 22th!!!!(note: It was moved back a few days!!!)
Please contact Cory if you plan on submitting or have questions, etc, etc:
Please mail submissions to Foxy Production Gallery, or email Cory Above [he can print out all submission up to 6ft by 6ft].
547 WEST 27 ST NEW YORK, NY 10001