this picture right here is the "saudi bout-it" juggle...basically 1-off trick mixing using only my beard. For the chicago battle I used "Addictive" by truth hurts in this part of the routine.
here's what some people had to say about my routine (scroll down to the botton of the posts):

***UPDATE*** this forum has been down 4 a while but 2 recap i got some really positive responses from da turntablist community someone said i was "racial" and someone said i "wasn't funny" and someone else said that i could twiddle really good. booyah!!

Thanx to the DMC staff for organizing the chicago event. even tho the battle was over three hours late getting started and we had to all wait in the lobby of the house of blues, it was still a great event! The house of blues is such a chill place and i just had fun hangin' with all the other dj's. Unfortunately i didn't make it to the finals but maybe next year.
Yo and peace out to donald p. grady who took these pics. he could only get three before the security guy came over and told him to stop. But thats cool, I guess the DMC's have their rules and stuff.
so peace out also to everyone and remember to keep scratchin. If you want to say whats up or have me spin at your party you can email me at: