B. 1977, St. Louis, USA
Lives and works in London, UK

Solo Exhibitions:
Seventeen Gallery, Define Your Terms (Or Kanye West Fucked Up My Show), London, UK, 2009
NEXT: The Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art, Only for the Headstrong, Chicago, USA, 2008
Bruna Soletti, Now I Just Stand Here Silently Among Data That Grows Cold, Milan, IT, 2007
Seventeen Gallery, Intentional Computing, London, UK, 2007

Two-person Exhibitions:
Seventeen Gallery, Miller-Urey Bong [w/ AIDS-3D], London, UK, 2010
Millais Gallery, Tha Click [w/ Paper Rad], Southampton, UK, 2009
The Horse Hospital, Big Hand at the Dice Game [w/ Paper Rad], London, UK, 2004

Group Exhibitions:
Shift Festival, Basel, CH, 2010
Playlist, Brussels, BE, 2010
The Future Gallery, Michael Jackson Doesn't Quit, Berlin, DE, 2010
LABoral Centro de Arte, Playlist, Gijon, ES, 2009
Rokeby Gallery, The Earth Not a Globe II, London, UK, 2009
Akademie Der Kunste, Embedded Art: Art in the Name of Security, Berlin, DE, 2009
Five Years Gallery, STRUCTURES FOUND:STRUCTURES LOST, London, UK, 2008
V22, The Steve Guttenberg Galaxy, London, UK, 2008
Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Bitmap, Philadelphia, USA, 2008
Seventeen Gallery, We Like What You Eat, London, UK, 2008
E:vent, Tha Click, London, UK, 2007
Vertextlist, Bitmap, New York, USA, 2007
MOT International, Good Riddance, London, UK, 2007
Space 301, Art and Place, Mobile, USA, 2006
Sonar Festival, My Friends Electric, Barcelona, ES, 2006
Faster than Sound Festival, Bentwaters Airbase, Suffolk, UK, 2006
Vilma Gold, Take it to the Net, London, UK, 2006
Witte de With CENTRE, Satellite of Love, Rotterdam, NE, 2006
Space 1026, 320x200:Da Show, Philadelphia, USA, 2005 [BEIGE group show]
Whitney Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Biennial, New York, USA, 2004 [Cory Arcangel collaboration]
San Francisco MOMA, DEFUNCT, San Francisco, USA, 2004
New Museum of Contemporary Art, Killer Instinct, New York, USA, 2003 [Cory Arcangel collaboration]
TEAM Gallery, Throw Back, New York, USA, 2003 [Cory Arcangel collaboration]
Foxy Productions, Blinky, New York, USA, 2003 [Cory Arcangel collaboration]
Deadtech, The Stray Show, Chicago, USA, 2002
Bitforms Gallery, Prints and Chips, New York, USA, 2002 [Cory Arcangel collaboration]
Deadtech, Post-Data in the Age of Low Potential, Chicago, USA, 2001 [BEIGE group show]

Video Screenings:
Neoncampobase, Whole Earth Catalogue, Bologna, IT, 2010
Artsway, Multichannel, Sway, UK, 2008
MIACA, Welcome to the Real World, Yokohama, JP, 2006 

International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL, 2006
Whitechapel Gallery, Utopia, London, UK, 2005

Selected Workshops/Lectures:
Slade School of Art, Theorie Cum Praxi Symposium, London, UK, Feb 2008
Royal College of Art, Digital Methods, London, UK, Nov 2007
London Games Festival, Videogames and Art, London, UK, Oct 2007
Merz Akademie, Stuttgart, DE, May 2006
La Casa Encendida, Basurama 06, Madrid, ES, May 2006
A4 Cultural Centre, Bratislava, SK, April 2006
British Film Institute, Bits in Motion, London, UK, March 2006
BBC7, Big Toe, London, UK, November 2005
Hayward Gallery, Sonic Sessions, London, UK, June/July 2005
The Tank, BENT 2005 Festival, New York, USA, May 2005
Lovebytes Festival, Circuit Bending for Audio, Sheffield, UK, March 2005
Barbican, Sonic Threads, London, UK, Feb 2005
Tate Modern, Christian Marclay Sounds of Christmas, London, UK, Dec 2004
Waygood Gallery, Channel 4/IDEASFactory - Circuit Bending, Newcastle, UK, 2004
Urbis Centre, Channel 4/IDEASFactory - Circuit Bending, Manchester, UK, 2004
FACT, Channel 4/IDEASFactory - Circuit Bending, Liverpool, UK, 2004
Vinyl Factory, Channel 4/IDEASFactory - Nintendo Hacking, London, UK, 2004
Victoria & Albert Museum, Shhh..., London, UK, 2004
Royal Festival Hall, Ether Festival - Circuit-bending for Audio, London, UK, 2004
SUNY-Buffalo, Languange & Encoding Symposium, Buffalo, USA, 2003
Harvestworks, Games, New York, USA, 2002
Museum of Contemporary Art, Who's the Tool?, Chicago, USA, 2002
Engine27, Post-Media Symposium, New York, USA, 2001
Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Senior Recital - Hacking the Nintendo Entertainment System, Oberlin, USA, May 2000

Selected Performances:
Louise Blouin Institute, [w/ Don Letts, MC's Jammer and Badness], London, UK 2008
The Old Blue Last, Tha Click [w/ Paper Rad], London, UK 2008
Beaconsfield Gallery, Mother of all Parties, London, UK, 2008
Spring Festival, Graz, AS, 2007
Basurama Festival, Madrid, ES, 2005
Hayward Gallery, London, UK, Hayward Nights, 2004
The Scala, London, UK, IDEASFactory: Sound Circuit, 2004
Liverpool Bienniale, Liverpool, UK, BEIGE Performance, 2004
Summer of HTML Tour [w/ Paper Rad, DJ Shoulders], Chicago/St.Louis/Kansas City/Milwaukee/Detroit, 2003
Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL, Illegal Art Festival, 2003
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, Version>03 Sound, 2003
Aldwych disued Tube Station, London, UK, Seed Records Rave [w/ Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert], 2003
2002 Technics/DMC World DJ Championships, Chicago, IL, 2002
The Knitting Factory [w/ Extreme Animals], New York, NY, 2002
SoundLab, New York, NY, SOUNDLAB BATTEL [w/ KAIJU Big Battel], 2001