2003 BEIGE Cassette Jockey World Championships
in association with the Version>03 Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
March 29th, 2003


To judge the 2003 BEIGE World Cassette Jockey Championships, we scoured the world over for open-minded and knowledgeable people who could cast a fair ballot on the topic of audio casssette performance. Here's who we got:
Randall Roberts

Randall Roberts, aka Lil' Edit, is a founding member of the Rotund 
Sound System, who play records, and Big Pink Brains, who throw fun 
parties. He also hosts Sovereign Glory, a radio show heard in all 78 St. 
Louis regional municipalities, and gains his sense of authority from 
his job as an editorial hack at a St. Louis weekly paper. 
Sheila Cronin

Sheila is a beautiful and familiar face to many in Chicago. Currently 
employed at the Spertus Museum, Sheila once worked long hours as a 
live sound engineer at the Empty Bottle and is a known collaborator 
with the Lonesome Organist.
Jeremy Jacobsen

Jeremy is probably best known for his alter-ego the Lonesome Organist 
and the records put out under Lonesome's moniker on Chicago's Thrill Jockey
label. Currently Jeremy is studying organ performance at Roosevelt University
and will hopefully have a thing or two to say about cassettes.
Dragan Espenschied

Founded Home Computer Folk Duo "Bodenstandig 2000" in 1995
together with Bernhard Kirsch. Released debut album on Rephlex
Records London 1999, shows around the globe. Worked from
1998-2000 in Fraunhofer VR Lab Stuttgart. Together with Alvar
Freude finished art school 2001 with internationally awarded
experiment on internet censorship. Today home computer
musician, teacher at Merz Akademie and modestly engaged in
information freedom activism with odem.org.

DRX enjoys dj'ing German folk music and Top euro-dance hits 
in his spare time, along with making online friends at 

[Bern on left]
Bernhard Kirsch

Bernhard founded the group "Bodenstandig 2000" with Dragan in 
1995 after doing something in the 80's. Currently he is developing 
the Plankalkul and keeping track of his Marble Madness homepage.
Edwin Tumlos

Edwin is a Community Events reporter for the Chicago Philippine 
Reports TV, a columnist for Via Times Newsmagazine, and fondly 
remembers cassette tapes.

[Magas on left]
James Marlon Magas

James Marlon Magas is best known for his solo work as MAGAS [his new album 
"Friends Forever" was just released on Detroit's Ersatz Audio label] and 
previous work in bands such as Couch and Lake of Dracula. Currently he owns 
and operates Weekend Records and Soap in Chicago with his wife Bridgette Wilson.

[Bridgette on right]
Bridgette Wilson

Bridgette is the other partner of Weekend Records and Soap along with 
her husband Mr. Magas and is solely responsible for the "and soap" portion 
of the store name through her hand-made skin care line Sparx. Before 
embarking on the path of entrepreneurship, Bridgette co-founded noise 
bands such as Carnival de Carnitas and Metalux.
Edgar Barrigga

Edgar performed so admirably as an emergency stand-in at last year's 
cassette battle in place of Version Festival kingpin Ed Marszewski 
that we had to have him back. Currently working part-time at the body 
shop across the street while repeating 8th grade, 12-year old Edgar 
is a great kid who calls em like he sees em.
CJ Freakface

The 3rd place winner of the 2002 BEIGE Cassette Jockey World Championships, 
Freakface is back to hold it down on the judging side of things.
+ other surprise guests tba!