Spirit of BEIGE Radio Show
hosted by Paul B. Davis

The Spirit of Beige airs every Sunday at 9pm London UK time. The show focuses on new and/or unheard American music, with occasional digressions into analyses of various pop styles, producers, or geographic locales. Current playlists have been dominated by new noise music from the fort thunder/providence scene, and rap from the southern/midwest crunk scene. Recent shows have also taken a look at New Jack Swing and music from St. Louis.

The format of the show is open. Anything, from standard radio-style presentation to pre-recorded DJ mixes to live in-studio guests to on air call-ins, is liable to go down. The purpose of the show is to present American music which might not be so well known to English or international audiences, but which is within the realm of expertise of the host.

Paul B. Davis is a founder of Beige Records and the BEIGE art collective [the radio show takes its name "Spirit of Beige" from an early release on the Beige label]. He is in the bands The 8-Bit Construction Set and The Potions, and has had music released on Wobblyhead Records, Matthew Herbert's Soundslike label, and on DJ Q-Bert's Wavetwisters DVD.