Paul B. Davis

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latest news:
- collab with AIDS-3D (we call ourselves Dimension/Next) at 17 gallery, london, opens 7 oct
- i'm up in the Vice/Intel Creators Project
- check dis feature in da new york times!!

It's 2009 2010 and this is my homepage on the Internet.
I make music and art, I am part of the BEIGE crew, and I use my middle initial "B" to differentiate myself from this Paul Davis who can write better songs than me. Mostly people know me from my re-programmed Nintendo cartridges or The 8-Bit Construction Set 12".
I'm in a band called The Potions with DJ LeDeuce, a band called The Fonts with Lektrogirl, and a band called The Acidheads with Cory Arcangel.
Here is an interview I did a while ago on NPR in Chicago which explains a lot about the 8-Bit Construction Set project. Maybe you want to check it out?

There is an old page with reviews and a discography @ Beige Records

I am also a lecturer in fine art at goldsmiths college, london.

Selected Current Projects:

  • Creators Project stuff
  • Cleaning da house
  • art commision from rational rec
  • Working on new music for No Hats No Hoods and N.E.S. Records
  • slowwww mix tape for top nice and real gold
  • collab with AIDS3D...something with lasers...
  • a short film
  • "the paul b. davis slow hour" every time out at top nice
  • toy design commission....i dunno, it just happened....

    Selected Recent Projects:

  • retrospective nintendo and 8bit stuff exhibited in Playlist at Laboral and in Brussels @ iMAL
  • book project and exhibition at the akademie der kunste, berlin
  • dj'ing in the elevator at the akademie der kunste, berlin
  • Define Your Terms (or Kanye West Fucked Up My Show) - solo show at seventeen, london
  • finally put up a youtube page
  • arty dj stuff at the louise t. blouin foundation (with don letts! booyah)
  • two-person show with paper rad in southampton
  • solo project at NEXT, chicago

    Upcoming Things:

  • Aug 3 (tentative), presentation of the Rational Rec collaborative commision
  • sep, opening for limp bizkit, euro leg of YEAR OF THE COBRA tour
  • mid-October, stuff at 17 up for Frieze

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    last updated July 19, 2010