2004 BEIGE Cassette Jockey World Championships
in association with the Flux Factory, NYC.
August 14th, 2004


Photos from the 2003 Championship:

The 2003 BEIGE World Cassette Jockey Championships
Location: Camp Gay, Chicago

<---- de' winner takes de' cake!!!

our MC's for the evening are mr. cory arcangel and 
fellow beige member [and cassette battle creator] 
mr. paul b. davis
MC Escher and associates pulled off an inspired 
first round performance.
Beaker showed up and mono-syllabically rocked it 
all the way into the Final Round.
DA' JUDGEZ [except for Mr. Jeremy Jacobsen who 
must have made a beer run].
crowd shot of lovely chicagoans
even more smiling faces at Camp Gay
Bodenstandig 2000 came all the way from the Fatherland to 
judge, charm the ladies, and put on an absolutely cracking 
show of computer folk force [the Camp Gay floorboards were 
severely damaged by the end of the night].

CJ PINCH-ROLLA from Evolution Control Committee