2002 BEIGE World Cassette Jockey Championships
in association with the Version>02 Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
April 20th, 2002

Congratulations to the 2002 Beige World Cassette Jockey Champion, CJ Idea Thief, and many thanks to all of the competitors, judges, audience members, and sponsors who created a truly unique experience.


the flyer

The 2002 BEIGE World Cassette Jockey Championships is the biggest, most 
influential, and only audio cassette based music competition on Earth. It is 
the finale event of the Version>02 Festival and is open to any CJ [cassette jockey] 
who registers. Prizes include items donated by the sponsors below, a championship 
trophy, and the knowledge of, if you win, being the best cassette jockey on the 
planet. The event is also based heavily on the Technics/DMC DJ Championship with 
individual timed sets, elimination rounds, and a judges panel.

April 20th, 2002, Chicago, USA

Organized and Hosted by:
Beige Records
in association with:
Version>02 Festival
Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

Sponsored by:
Tellus Media - "The Audio Cassette Magazine."
Weekend Records and Soap - "The Finest in Records and also the Finest in Soap."
Deadtech - "Your 24-hour Art & Technology Supercenter."
N.E.S. Records - "Is it love or is it fear?"
Bodenstandig 2000 - "Hard Rocking Scientists."
Life Sucks Die - "Funny Magazine."
Freelancetcetera - "P.R. for hotties."
Turntable Lab

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