2002 BEIGE World Cassette Jockey Championships
in association with the Version>02 Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
April 20th, 2002


To judge the 2002 BEIGE World Cassette Jockey Championships, we have scoured the world over for open-minded and knowledgeable people who could cast a fair ballot on the topic of audio casssette performance. Here's who we got:

Nic Collins

Studied composition with Alvin Lucier and worked for several 
years with David Tudor. Former Visiting Artistic Director of 
Stichting STEIM (Amsterdam) and DAAD composer-in-residence in 
Berlin. Currently editor-in-chief of the Leonardo Music Journal 
and on faculty at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Nic scratched live radio broadcasts and cell phone conversations 
in "Devil's Music" in 1985 (when Scanner was still in short pants), 
and has been hacking CD players for glitches since 1988 (when Thrill 
Jockey was in diapers.) His most recent recordings are available on 
PlateLunch and Periplum.

Dragan Espenschied ( http://a-blast.org/~drx/ )

Founded Home Computer Folk Duo "Bodenstandig 2000" in 1995
together with Bernhard Kirsch. Released debut album on Rephlex
Records London 1999, shows around the globe. Worked from
1998-2000 in Fraunhofer VR Lab Stuttgart. Together with Alvar
Freude finished art school 2001 with internationally awarded
experiment on internet censorship. Today home computer
musician, teacher at Merz Akademie and modestly engaged in
information freedom activism with odem.org.

DRX enjoys dj'ing German folk music and Top euro-dance hits 
in his spare time, along with making online friends at 

Ed Marszewski

Edmar is the publisher of Lumpen and Select magazines and 
formerly ran things at Supersphere. He is currently running 
things at the Version>02 Festival and enjoys real-time strategy 
war games, tearing down the pig system, and easy listening music. 

As a cassette battle judge, Ed makes up for a lack of direct 
musical experience with lots of enthusiasm about new media art.
Misty Martinez (http://pages.ripco.net/~nailhead/misty/)

Performance artist-cum-singer/songwriter-cum-stripper with several 
solo releases and performances at London's Institute of Contemporary 
Art, Walker Arts Center [Minneapolis], and the Beer & Sausage Noise 
Experimental Music Festival [Brooklyn]. Misty also functions as a 
"rent-a-strumpet" for several improvisational noise/experimental 
bands, including To Live and Shave in LA 2, Cock E.S.P., Nautical 
Almanac, and Suckdog. Currently a back-up singer in fantasy pop 
group Strawberry. Other performances with: Harvey Sid Fisher, Arsenal 
Road performance art troupe, Mark Shippy [U.S. Maple], Weasel Walter, 
Fred Lonberg-Holm, Stagecoach, Sunship Sextet, New Fist of Glory, 
Raunch Factory, and as rapper Teen LaQuiefa in Beat Vice.

Recap: Misty makes tracks, sometimes shows her boobies, and plays 
with lots of people you think are cool. 

Randall Roberts

Randall Roberts, aka Lil' Edit, is a founding member of the Rotund 
Sound System, who play records, and Big Pink Brains, who throw fun 
parties. He also hosts Sovereign Glory, a radio show heard in all 78 St. 
Louis regional municipalities, and gains his sense of authority from 
his job as an editorial hack at a St. Louis weekly paper.

+ other "surprise judges" tba