2002 BEIGE World Cassette Jockey Championships
in association with the Version>02 Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
April 20th, 2002


All competitors must register by March 25th, 2002.

Competition is open to Cassette-Tape Jockeys (CJ's) only
The CJ must perform solo - no teams are permitted
The only equipment supplied in the Championships are:
1 - 8-channel (4 stereo channels) upfader mixer
1 - Vestax PMC-07 Mixer (2 stereo channels with crossfader)
1 - pair of dual cassette tape decks
1 - pair of Walkman cassette tape players

1. Competitors may supply any other cassette tape decks/players/recorders/etc.
2. Modified cassette tape devices are allowed
3. The use of headphones is permitted but must be provided by the competitor
4. Competitors may ONLY USE PUBLISHED AUDIO CASSETTE TAPES for source material 
   (no dubbing cd's/vinyl/8-tracks/mp3's to tape, no home recordings, etc.)
4.1. ***We have decided to allow live microphone usage - see the F.A.Q.***
5. Spliced tapes/tape loops are allowed (pursuant to rule #4)
6. Competitors may use no more than six (6) cassette devices 

***In order to better clarify the rules, we have assembled a Cassette Battle F.A.Q.
consisting of answers to emailed questions.***

All competitors will be judged on the following criteria:

A. Technical Skills & Tricks (techniques, speed, tape modifications, etc.)
B. Transitions (consistency, smoothness)
C. Form (overall musical structure)
D. Entertainment Value (stage presence, ability to "work the crowd", etc.)
E. Originality (creativity, selection, etc.)

In order to better inform both judges and audience, each competitor must also 
briefly announce the equipment they are using prior to performing.

Competition consists of two rounds - Elimination Round competitors will be
allowed a period of exactly four (4) minutes to compete. Final Round 
competitors will be allowed a period of exactly seven (7) minutes to compete.

The winners of the Elimination Round will compete in the Final Round. The
first place competitor of the Final Round will be the 2002 BEIGE World CJ Champion 
and winner of the Grand Prize. Additional Prizes will be awarded to the runners-up.