2002 BEIGE World Cassette Jockey Championships
in association with the Version>02 Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago
April 20th, 2002


We finally have competition documentation:

The 2002 BEIGE World Cassette Jockey Championships
Location: Camp Gay, Chicago

<----- the fabulous judges [our 12 year old neighbor edgar barriga was a last minute 
replacement for MIA media mogul ed marzsewski]

^ | | | beige posse announces the rules and regulations
it seemed like all of chicago fit into camp gay's friendly confines, although 
the crowd was often less than friendly...a tense silence descended during during sets, 
a cj was sent packing after a crowd member yelled "this isn't an art gallery" during 
his performance, and a judge was bombarded with beer cups after announcing the finalists.
cj idea thief in the finals
cj larry came through to the finals with a very impressive and tasteful set of 
ambient tape loops and feedback and placed second.
cj yergy yeluvy, who unfortunately didn't make it to the finals, represented 
the tribe quite well with his makeshift tape scratching device.
cj freakface was the last of the three finalists and used rudy tardy's tape 
deck because it had "manual pause controls". however he could not duplicate the energy of 
his first-round performance came in third.
andy making his winner's speech - "i would like to thank the german people for inventing 
magnetic tape technology" - with beige posse looking on.

<-----	cj idea thief a.k.a. andy ortman with the beige cassette battle trophy. but with 
rumors of cheating it wasn't without controvery and we have the smoking gun. thanks also to the 
competitors who we don't have pictures of - Patman, Ledeuce, and Howard Stelzer.